Our Vision

Making it simpler for individuals and brands to navigate through the complicated industry of sports across the Middle East and North African regions.


Our Mission

To work with a diverse group of backgrounds while instilling a sense of  Communication, Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Knowledge

Communication: To have open and honest communication within our company, and with our clients, to ensure we are aligned and exceeding expectations everyday.

Trust: To build and maintain trust with our clients, vendors/partners, and with all stakeholders within our organization.

Honesty: To consistently be honest with our clients, each other and ourselves about the work we do, the effort we put in and our shared vision.

Integrity: To have integrity, strive to always “do the right thing” and treat our clients, our employees and our vendors with respect.

Passion: To display the passion we have to succeed, to do our best, and create products, programs and events that deliver value.

Innovation: To provide our clients creative and innovative ideas and solutions to produce the best results possible and challenge each other to think outside of the box.

Knowledge: To always look to expand our knowledge and improve our understanding of our areas of expertise, our client’s business, their industries and the global marketplace in order to better serve our clients and continually evolve our company.


About Us

Founded in 2018, a few like minded professionals with extensive experience across the Middle Eastern sports scene banded together with a solitary goal – to simplify the manner in which sports is viewed.

The Forward Sports team is comprised of highly experienced professionals and academics from the sports and entertainment sectors providing their consultation and services across 6 key verticals.